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All Crockett Tiles are hand-carved original designs. I make plaster molds of the original carvings and press clay into the molds by hand. The tile is trimmed, holes are made for hanging and then each tile is stamped on the back with my maker's mark. The tiles are eased out of the mold, and then allowed to dry naturally on racks for several days.

Next they are hand-glazed. Each color is hand-applied, some with as many as five colors. Next they go into an electric kiln and are fired to cone 6 about 2,200 degrees. This process makes the tile strong enough to withstand outdoor conditions. After the firing and a cooling period, the tiles are given a final quality inspection, then packaged and shipped to my customers.

Crockett Tiles

Fair Oaks, California 95628
(530) 957-1058

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